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EPA Kills State Permitting Program

The Environmental Protection Agency today handed down a decision that could have a major impact on air quality in Texas. The EPA decision – not an unexpected one – was to disapprove what the state environmental agency calls...

New Sheriff Armendariz Reads ‘Em Their Rights

Peter Gorman
Regional Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Dr. Al Armendariz made quite a splash last night at the February meeting of the North Central Texas Communities Alliance. Featured speaker Armendariz drew between 250 and 3...

The Quality of the Test

Question: When does air quality testing not clear the air?

Shift in the Shale

Peter Gorman
As avenues go, Carter Avenue, on Fort Worth’s East Side, is pretty modest. But a lot of North Texas gas drilling activists are hoping it will turn out to be the Ground Zero of something big.

The Opacity of Hope

The 120 or so people gathered at J. Gilligan’s Bar and Grill in Arlington recently were celebrating an early Christmas present. The party was hosted by the Downwinders at Risk, an environmental group based in North Texas,...

Gas Drillers Sent To Principal’s Office

Jeff Prince
Channel 8 came out with an interesting report today about the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) summoning gas drilling executives down to Austin and cracking the whip. Seems the state has finally decided to regul...

Hypocrisy in the Air

Static is underwhelmed with the news, reported last Friday on WFAA-TV/Channel 8, that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has discovered elevated levels of cancer-causing benzene “in the air near some natural ga...

Tasers: Homicide Vehicles

A well-earned tip of the hat to Tarrant County Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani, whose long-awaited decision on the April 18 cause of death of 24-year-old Michael Patrick Jacobs Jr. – who died shortly after being jolted tw...

Wendy Davis comes out swinging

Jeff Prince
State regulatory agencies that come across as apologists interested in protecting rather than regulating industry are getting torched down in Austin. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is the latest bunch to draw the...

Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil

State regulators don’t seem worried about TXU’s lapses in reporting power plant pollution.
Rusk County – A gentle twilight pink stretches across the sky, touching the waters of Martin Creek Lake. The still air, smelling only of East Texas pines, brings the faint sounds of wildlife in the surrounding woods. Smog...