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Restaurants Should Charge For Water

Jeff Prince
A Las Vegas restaurant is catching flak for charging .50 cents for water and not telling customers about it until they get their bills, according to this Delish.com story. I’ve got no problem with restaurants charging ext...

Preliminary TAKS Scores Do Not Bode Well for FWISD

Preliminary TAKS Scores Do Not Bode Well for FWISD by Betty Brink The Fort Worth schools’ preliminary rankings on the 2011 Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, otherwise known as TAKS, have been released by the Texas Edu...

Tea Party; Local Brew

Tarrant Tea Partiers are training their sights on issues like the Trinity River Vision project.
On an early spring evening, inside the Elks Lodge meeting room on Fort Worth’s West Side, about 75 locals — most of them older white men — watched a presentation by Mike Brasovan. He’s a conservative Republican ...

Clear as Mud

In what can only mean more grief for Fort Worth schools superintendent Melody Johnson, a Texas Education Agency audit report released last week concluded that the district “erroneously over-reported attendance” at Arlington...

Another Win for the AHHS Whistleblower

On Saturday, former Arlington Heights High School assistant principal and whistleblower Joe Palazzolo received a letter from the Texas Education Agency director of field audits, Dorinda Cavazos Wheeless, that “was music to my...

Who Framed The Duke?

The Tea Party is either the beneficiary of Conspiracy in the Heartland – or the joke.
Political conspiracy theories in America have been around since the colonists fought loony old King George III for independence. Although both the conservative and liberal fringes of the United States have historically been cap...

A Small but Significant Win for Palazzolo

It’s not a big win, but it’s a win nonetheless and Joe Palazzolo needs a few these days. The former assistant principal and whistleblower at Arlington Heights High School here whose firing by Superintendent Melody Johnson w...

A Different Tea Party

Big Ticket
Greg Mortenson has one of those lives that make you ashamed not to have done more with your own. He was already a U.S. Army medic-turned-mountain climber when he had a life-changing experience in 1993. Having had to rescue a fe...

Tea Parties and Racism

John Q. Public
To the editor: After reflecting on his article (On Second Thought, March 31, 2010), I strongly urge Eddie Griffin to take a long look at himself in the mirror. He also needs to reaffirm just exactly what his responsibilities ar...

Tea Bags, Tobacco, and Revolution

John Q. Public
To the editor: If I’m going to join the “revolution” that Gayle Reaves so eloquently described in the opener to your Best of 2009 edition (“Long May We Wave,” Sept. 30, 2009) – a revolution a...