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Free App For Fishing, Hunting Info

Jeff Prince
People who like to hunt and fish will appreciate this latest tech news: The Texas Parks & Wildlife is posting all of its information about hunting seasons, bag and length limits, and other rules and regulations on a free mo...


Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Unfairly In Angelo’s Long Shadow

Grub Buddy
People in search of the holy grill — as in barbecue — slobber all over themselves when praising Angelo’s. No problem with that. Angelo’s rocks. Daniel Vaughn, the new “barbecue editor” at Tex...


Cowtown Is Wowtown To Larry McMurtry

Jeff Prince
The notoriously grumpy guy (Larry McMurtry) who wrote the greatest Western novel of all time (Lonesome Dove) has something sweet to say about my favorite city (Fort Worth). The February issue of Texas Monthly shares an essay by...

FW’s Brownstone Among State’s Best

Jeff Prince
Texas Monthly‘s current issue lists the best new restaurants in the state, and Fort Worth’s Brownstone made the Top 10. I don’t watch Top Chef but the Monthly‘ article describes how a chef who appeared o...

Goodbye To A Writer

Jeff Prince
Journalist extraordinaire Gary Cartwright is retiring and has penned his final story as a staff writer for Texas Monthly. He picked a substantial topic for his finale, profiling the state’s premier river writer John Grave...

Fort Worth Teen Scene in Texas Monthly

Anthony Mariani
As part of Texas Monthly magazine’s current feature on ’60s-era Texas garage rock, writer Michael Hall has created a list of 12 songs from the era that, per the mag’s current cover story (“The Bucket List”), you must ...

Texas Monthly ’60s Garage at SXSW

Anthony Mariani
In addition to The Green Fuz, a band from Bridgeport, just northwest of Fort Worth, several other ’60s-era garage rockers from Texas are scheduled to play a sanctioned showcase at SXSW sponsored by Texas Monthly magazine. Als...

More on Monthly’s, Texas Music’s Neglect

Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth bands might as well be from Idaho for all of the coverage they (do not) receive in Texas Monthly and Texas Music Magazine, two alleged “statewide” publications that have music sections. Agreed, the Monthly’s is...