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Sports Rush: The Mascot Whisperer

Rush Olson
It’s not easy to be an anthropomorphic wasp. Ditto a supersized pirate or a latter-day centurion. To start with, do you even know where your eyes are? How about your ears? Or your tail?       Most humans don’...


Globe Life Span Shortened?

Back in 1994, Arlington leaders were calling the newly built Ballpark in Arlington the greatest thing since the Greek Parthenon. Tom Scheiffer said Texas Rangers fans would enjoy the structure for 100 years. Schieffer was part ...

VVOES headlines at the Live Oak, Wed.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 24 – The letter “w” used to be printed as a double v, a touch that inspired the title cards for the film The Witch and also the name of the band VVoes, the indie-rock outfit that just won Best New Band at Fort Wor...

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Sports Rush: Of Tex and Texas

Rush Olson
The Yankees announced this week that the last reason a Rangers fan might reasonably have to cheer for them to win a ballgame will go away at the end of the season. Or at least that’s the way it is for me. I supposed, technica...

The French film La Jetée screens Tuesday at The Modern.


Madelyn Edwards
Wed 6 - It’s documentary time at Mid-Week Movie Night at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Up first will be D-Day: Normandy 1994. Featuring stunning footage, this 40-minute doc narrated by Tom Brokaw underlines th...


Sports Rush: Mazara Is In A Great Position

Rush Olson
We’ve known a lot about Texas Rangers outfielder Nomar Mazara since he became a rich man at the age of sixteen years old. The Rangers paid the Dominican millions to join their organization, and baseball’s prospect e...


Sports Rush: A Playoff Crowd (Sort Of)

Rush Olson
If the Cowboys played the Cleveland Browns in the Super Bowl at the same time a last-place Rangers team took on a first-place Oakland A’s squad, how big a crowd would the baseball game draw? Yes, I realize it’s a prepostero...


Sports Rush: Jeff Banister and Cat Osterman Discuss Coaching

Rush Olson
“Athletes want to know do you care about me And can you help me get to the next level? And that’s it. You care by developing a relationship.” Rangers manager Jeff Banister Banister’s statement came as part of a prog...


Smoking in the Transgender Bathroom

Still on the fence about who to support in the Fort Worth school district’s transgender brouhaha? Well, let’s say you are leaning toward supporting the faction that wants to fire Superintendent Kent Scribner for clarifying ...

Rush Olsen and Rangers Captain have fun with the crowd before games at the ballpark.

Sports Rush

Rush Olson
Could your brain handle the pressure of standing on the dugout in front of fans at the Texas Rangers ballpark, competing in a game in which you try to decide whether a phrase describes weather, baseball, or has been created out...