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World Series An Easy Victory

Jeff Prince
Think about it. A couple of Texas Rangers are riding a trail, keeping settlers safe from all types of bad hombres… And then, suddenly, they come face to face with a couple of outlaw Cardinals blocking their path… Wh...

Texas Rangers Get No Respect

Jeff Prince
So-called experts are predicting the World Series already, and they don’t have much faith in our hometown Texas Rangers. FOX Sports sportswriter John Paul Marosi says the Rangers will fall in the first playoff series, whi...

Ron Washington Is in “Moneyball”!

Kristian Lin
I didn’t have room in my review of Moneyball to include this tidbit, but the Rangers’ current manager turns up as a character in the movie. Washington was a coach on the A’s staff during the time period covere...

Dallas Cowboys Remain Rangers Killers

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys played in a meaningless preseason game on Saturday night, and went head-to-head against the Texas Rangers who were playing on another TV channel in an all-important game that might have playoff ramifications....

Another Fan Falls Over Railing; Darwin Foiled

Jeff Prince
Shannon Stone’s fall from the stands at the Ballpark in Arlington last week was tragic. A good father trying to catch a ball for his son — tossed to him by a player — who then falls 20 feet to his death in fro...

Texas Rangers Fans Break Dumbest Record Ever

Jeff Prince
The Texas Rangers broke the Guinness Book of World Records for most people wearing sunglasses in the dark, and also set a record for the most ridiculous publicity stunt of the year. It only took 424 people wearing sunglasses to...

Mavs Can Be This Millenium’s First Champion

Jeff Prince
It’s amazing what a World Series appearance did for the Texas Rangers. Some locals (chiefly me) grew weary of our local baseball franchise after four decades of underachieving teams and consistently poor personnel decisio...

One-Hit Wonders Win Again

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Observer‘s March 31 cover featured a deer with crosshairs on its skull, and the headline “One-Hit Wonders.” The cover mocked Texas Rangers fans and their antler gestures, and predicted doom for the ...

Nolan Ryan Noogies Chuck Greenberg

Jeff Prince
Hey, you, Texas Rangers former CEO Chuck Greenberg…say hello to my leetle friend:

Let’s Give Tom Vandergriff What He Deserves

Jeff Prince
The politician who put Arlington on the map, made a huge impact on Tarrant County and North Texas, and was pretty much the embodiment of political integrity, will be buried on Friday. If anyone deserves a huge public turnout it...