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Southern California Suckers Gloat About Josh Hamilton…For Now

Jeff Prince
Los Angeles Times readers are feeling pretty good about themselves today, crowing about Josh Hamilton snubbing the Texas Rangers and taking his freak show to the Left Coast. Three out of four Times readers said they thought the...

The Cardinals doing what the Rangers could have -- and should have -- been doing last year.

Another Turkey: North Texas Sports

North Texas is hurting. We’re not talking about the traffic, the smog, the politics, the fracking-generated earthquakes, or the expanding waistlines of most of our friends and neighbors. No, North Texas is hurtin’ in ye old...


Night & Day

WED ▪ 12 The end of this month is going to be brutal for your first-place Texas Rangers, who’ll be taking on the roaring A’s and Angels back to back. But until then, it’s smooth sailing, starting with a home stand again...

His life story: Coming to a theater near you?

Josh Hamilton at the Movies

Kristian Lin
Attention Texas Rangers fans: The news has just dropped this afternoon that Josh Hamilton’s life story of overcoming addiction is garnering interest from Hollywood. Casey Affleck (the brother of Ben and the director of th...

Josh Hamilton Has Four Shots And A Double

Jeff Prince
OK, the headline was in bad taste. Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton might slip off the wagon on rare occasions, but he was the legal life of the party last night in Baltimore. Four home runs, a double, 18 total bases. Baltim...

From Pee-Yu To Woo-Hoo

Jeff Prince
Millions of bad puns about Yu Darvish’s name have been bandied about in recent months, and they must STOP — unless you can think of a new one. A Google search indicates that this Blotch post marks the first use of &...

Yu Darvish Is Topps

Jeff Prince
Texas Rangers rookie pitcher Yu Darvish can’t squeak by on the $10 million per year he earns with the team. But don’t worry, he’ll be getting more money thrown his way after signing an exclusive autograph trad...

Josh Hamilton Plays Odd Bargaining Chip

Jeff Prince
Did you hear about the guy who walked into a bar and said, “I’d like a shot,” and the bartender said, “That’ll be $100 million, please”? Barely a week ago, the sports media was buzzing about ...

Hey Yu Put On Yo Clothes And Play For The Rangers

Jeff Prince
I went to one of those big box stores to check out a high-def TV selling for $500 — except when I arrived, the store wanted to charge another $1,000 just for the rights to shop there. “WTF?” I said, since I al...

Texas Rangers Should Let Cardinals Win The Series

Jeff Prince
After perusing today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch I’ve decided the Rangers should let the St. Louis Cardinals win the next two games and the World Series. That poor city is a mess, although made up of really nice peopl...