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(Photo courtesy Wikimedia)

Adopt A Storm Drain, Protect A River

Jeff Prince
Tired of seeing trash floating in the Trinity River? You can help diminish some of that litter by signing up for the Adopt-A-Drain program. Here’s more info provided by the Tarrant Regional Water District, which initiated...

THE TRINITY RIVER IN FORT WORTH (courtesy wikimedia)

Water District Tests Trinity River’s Water Quality Often

Jeff Prince
This week’s Fort Worth Weekly includes a guest column by Kendall McCook that criticizes Tarrant Regional Water District and Trinity River Vision officials for ignoring water quality in the Trinity River. The column shows he l...

Willis questions whether water quality concerns were addressed before folks were encouraged to jump in the Trinity. Naomi Vaughan

Does Untested = Clean?

Tubing events were cancelled when the river might have made people sick.
Did the Trinity River Vision Authority cancel tubing events this year and last year because of high levels of dangerous bacteria in the river? It depends on your definition of “because.” A TRVA spokesman says E. coli played...

Wow, That’s Big!

Jimmy Fowler
As a meat eater, I can’t really criticize those who hunt – after all, someone’s got to kill it before I can grill it, to paraphrase The Nuge. I can, however, make fun of hunters who seem to regard large game as penile ext...

200-Pound Gar Caught On Rod And Reel In Trinity

Jeff Prince
Some of my best childhood memories revolve around fishing trips to the Trinity River, and I particularly remember dealing with alligator gar. My dad, uncle, and grandfather would start a fishing trip by pulling out a net, stret...

This Just In: Trinity River Filthy

Jeff Prince
From the “Tell-Us-Something-We-Don’t-Already Know” file comes this report — the Trinity River is a toxic mess. Environment Texas, a statewide advocacy group, released a report today entitled “Wasting Our Waterways...