Flyfest takes place on the banks of the Trinity River, Sat.

Fishing has often cultivated an image of itself as a solitary pursuit, through which a man (it’s usually a man in the written-up fantasies) can escape the pressures of citified everyday life and commune with nature, perhaps reflecting on the mysteries of existence while patiently waiting for that bite on the end of his line. Well, Tarrant Regional Water District aims to make fishing into a communal, social activity in Flyfest, its third annual celebration of fishing on the banks of the Trinity River.

To ensure a good catch, more than 1,200 pounds of rainbow trout as well as other native Texas fish will be released into the river just before the event starts. The daylong party will feature seminars on making flies, casting contests, demonstrations on how to cook mussels over an open flame, and live music by Zach Nytomt. The kids will have face-painting and a rock-climbing wall to keep them amused, while the adults will be able to try Texas wines and craft beers, and everyone can dig into some barbecue and crayfish from the food trucks on hand, should they not be in the mood for fish.

Flyfest is 9am-5pm at River Park Trailhead, 3100 Bryant Irvin Rd, FW. Admission is free. Call 817-709-5218.