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Peter Gorman
So there’s water contamination near fracking sites, but no provable connection between the two? That’s what two different June studies are saying. The industry is all over this, of course, claiming that they prove that hydr...


Drying Up

Residents from Possum Kingdom to Lake Granbury want to know where the water’s going.
For several years people in Granbury have been watching their beloved lake recede from its now-overgrown shoreline. Boats and jet skis that once floated hang on their lifts in the air, and dirt-filled plastic bottles, old tires...

Yes. Now, what to do?

Prop 6 …

… would waste billions on a flawed water plan.
For a plan that purports to thoughtfully guide Texas through a crowded, thirsty future, the 2012 State Water Plan reads unsettlingly like a playbook from the last century: dams to divert already limp river flows, big pipes pump...


Drums Along the Nile

Editor’s note: Water fights in Texas and elsewhere in the United States are gettting serious, but the furor building in Africa provides a taste of the water wars — possibly actual shooting wars —  that may become a promi...

Don’t Drink the Water

Drillers are furious about reports backing up claims of poisoned groundwater.
Peter Gorman photos by Lee Chastain
When Jeff Locker looks out over his 1,500 acres of land just outside Pavillion, Wyo., he remembers what it used to look like: three horses in the corral, fields of barley and alfalfa bending in the breeze. These days the view f...

Gas And Beer

Fort Worth residents might have looked warily at the newsletter included with their November water bills. Water rates are increasing in January, and the city sent out a chart listing the amounts of increases. Every category of ...

Restaurants Should Charge For Water

Jeff Prince
A Las Vegas restaurant is catching flak for charging .50 cents for water and not telling customers about it until they get their bills, according to this Delish.com story. I’ve got no problem with restaurants charging ext...

The Big Bird

Fort Worth Weekly Staff
The biggest turkey in Fort Worth flew the coop in 2011, his tail feathers still singed from our frequent rounds of birdshot. Yep, Mayor Mike Moncrief resigned after eight years of running Fort Worth like his own personal fiefdo...

Clouds of Evidence

A couple of years ago, when gas drilling critics pointed out that separation tanks and other facilities used to store or separate natural gas from water were going to be prone to lightning strikes, the industry tried to pooh-po...

Rabblerouser Roundup

A: Roads and Property
      Terri Hall, whose Texans United for Reform and Freedom helped lead the fight against the Trans-Texas Corridor a few years back, has never been a fan of Gov. Rick Perry, godfather to Texas toll roads. Not surprisingly, ...