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Josh Weathers ‘I Will Always Love You’ Doesn’t Always Thrill

Jeff Prince
The Josh Weathers video of him slaying “I Will Always Love You” at The Kessler Theater in Dallas is the viral hit of the week. In that video, the audience is as quiet as an enthralled church mouse. Numerous versions...

JOSH WEATHERS (courtesy of Josh's Facebook page)

Josh Weathers Blows Up On The Chive

Jeff Prince
The Chive bills itself as “probably the best site in the world.” Whether it’s the best or not doesn’t matter. Fort Worth soul man Josh Weathers ought to be feeling good regardless. The Chive posted a vid...

TCU In Clutches Of Devil’s Music

Jeff Prince
The video below makes it clear why Texas Christian University is sliding off a moral precipice and plummeting into hell’s fiery clutches. After last week’s drug raid resulted in the arrest of four TCU football playe...

R.I.P., Whitney Houston

Kristian Lin
I met Whitney Houston in 1996 at a press junket for The Preacher’s Wife. She would later admit that she was doing drugs on a daily basis by that point in time. She must not have gotten started that day; I found her lucid ...


Jimmy Fowler
I caught most of the ultra-hyped Oprah interview with Whitney Houston (part two today at 4!), and I have to say – I really regret never seeing an episode of ”Being Bobby Brown.” (Jeff, do you have any copies lying around?...

Whitney Houston ‘Cracks’ Charts

Jeff Prince
In mainstream America’s version of Whitney Houston’s fall from grace, Houston was the angelic singer who thrilled us with her soaring vocals and attracted us with her smooth skin and beguiling smile before being lured into ...