JOSH WEATHERS (courtesy of Josh's Facebook page)

The Chive bills itself as “probably the best site in the world.”

Whether it’s the best or not doesn’t matter. Fort Worth soul man Josh Weathers ought to be feeling good regardless.

The Chive posted a video of Weathers under the headline “That Was Awesome: Guy Kills It With Blues Cover Of ‘I Will Always Love You’ On Stage In Dallas TX. ”


The guy killing it is Weathers, who has been singing the Dolly Parton-penned classic on local stages for years as a regular part of his set list. (He does the Whitney Houston version rather than Parton’s.)

Not long ago, the Weathers video clip on YouTube had a few hundred hits. Yesterday, after theCHIVE posted the video, the hit count topped 100,000. Today, the hit count is approaching 250,000.

The dude is nationwide, he’s blowing up!

The Chive’s video version edits out Weathers’ interesting introduction to the song, which can be seen and heard here.



  1. A minor curiosity, and not that it really matters, but has anyone actually determined where it was posted first? The Chive is notorious for getting its content from reddit, and if The Chive’s video cut off the beginning part of the video and didn’t link to the 2 year old youtube video as the reddit post did, I would think that it was probably posted on reddit first.

    • You’re right, the video hit Reddit first then jumped to theCHIVE and other sites, although it had been sitting largely unnoticed on YouTube for a couple of years before it went viral this week.