The Josh Weathers video of him slaying “I Will Always Love You” at The Kessler Theater in Dallas is the viral hit of the week.

In that video, the audience is as quiet as an enthralled church mouse.

Numerous versions of Weathers singing that song can be found on YouTube, and in most cases he kills the song, and the audiences are amazed.


Here he talks about how the song evolved. He first played it at Coach Joe’s Hat Tricks several years ago and former Dallas Cowboys coach Joe Avezzano came up to him afterward and told him, “You’re probably going to play that every night for the rest of your life so you better get used to playing it.”

Weathers thought, no way. But… .

“He was right, I’ve been playing it every night since,” Weathers said.

However, sometimes a crowd just doesn’t get on his wavelength.

In this version, Weathers is nailing it at one of his regular jam spots, Keys Lounge, and women are yakkity yakking through the whole damn song. I agree with the commenter who said, “Audiences can be so rude.”

And here Weathers performs the song at Coach Joe’s memorial celebration — with much of the crowd yakking throughout. Disrespectful louts!

Regardless, Blotch is happy that Weathers is getting well-deserved national attention after all these years spent singing the shit out of that song for us North Texans.

Watch all of his various versions of the song on YouTube and you’ll notice that Weathers sings with passion and heart no matter whether the crowd is with him or not. That’s a pro. That’s an artist.