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Fort Worth Welcomes Gay Cops

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth police detective Chris Gorrie identifies himself as gay on a YouTube video to let others know that a gay man can work at the Fort Worth police force and be supported by his peers, or at least not have to endure confr...

JOSH WEATHERS (courtesy of Josh's Facebook page)

Josh Weathers Blows Up On The Chive

Jeff Prince
The Chive bills itself as “probably the best site in the world.” Whether it’s the best or not doesn’t matter. Fort Worth soul man Josh Weathers ought to be feeling good regardless. The Chive posted a vid...

Gas Fracking Inspires NYU Students

Jeff Prince
Tarrant County, being in the epicenter of the Barnett Shale natural gas boom, served as the national guinea pig for urban drilling. Most everyone around here was clueless about the industry and its methods of operation when the...

Fort Worth Fight Video Posted On YouTube

Jeff Prince
Somebody posted a fight video on YouTube yesterday called “Fort Worth Fights,” which shows two young men punching each other for several minutes while people stand around watching, laughing, and commenting. The figh...

All He Wants For Christmas In Fort Worth

Jeff Prince
Here’s an interesting interpretation of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” performed by a guy on four different instruments, each recorded at a different location in downtown Fort Worth. Th...

World’s Worst Rapper Appearing In Arlington

Jeff Prince
Kim Feil of Arlington encouraged us to check out a YouTube clip under the name kimfeilgood to see a “white lady rapping an environmental plea to stop a proposed gas well next to the Cowboys Stadium.” The white lady uses pha...

Fudge You, “Scarface”

Jimmy Fowler
You may have missed one of this week’s hottest downloads on YouTube: A Bartonville, Illinois elementary school production of Brian DePalma’s Cuban gangster campfest Scarface. Sadly, the two-minute clip turns out to be a fra...

“Did You Hear That Lonesome Whippoorwill…”

Jimmy Fowler
Here’s an interesting “Newsweek” piece on loneliness in the age of online social networking. To see how the definition of “socializing” has changed over the last couple of decades, I need only look to my niece and nep...