Fort Worth police detective Chris Gorrie identifies himself as gay on a YouTube video to let others know that a gay man can work at the Fort Worth police force and be supported by his peers, or at least not have to endure confrontation from them.

The seeds for the video were planted five years ago.

The infamous Rainbow Lounge Raid of 2009, when Fort Worth police raided a gay bar and ended up roughing up customers, gave the city a black eye in the LGBT community.

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But Chief Jeffrey Halstead has made it a priority to reverse that image, including in recruitment and sensitivity training.

The video was posted w week ago. So far it has received 14 comments, all supportive, including some from men who like what they see in Detective Gorrie: “Internet consensus: you’re cute,” wrote one male admirer.



  1. Why would a gay cop have to fear “confrontation” from his colleagues? I don’t understand. Is the author of this post implying that police officers are bigots?

    • The author of the post didn’t imply anything, the cop himself implied it. If you watch the video he says he has received acceptance from his co-workers about his sexuality but that he wonders what they say when he’s not around. I don’t know if he is implying that police officers/macho guys can be bigoted when it comes to gay cops, or if he’s just saying that people in general can be bigoted.

    • The gay cops like the black and brown cops know their place and know “not to make any waves”. They know the KKK wing of the FWPD is always watching. They won’t tell you that publicly but privately, “off the record” will tell you anything as the writer is well aware.

      The FWPD is bursting at the seams with fraud and corruption. For instance the FWPD and the City Council (Mayor Price) were going around town (March through April 2014) marketing the May 10th CCPD (Crime Control Prevention District SPD to the voters). But when you look at the programs they fund its mostly self serving feel good quackery. You know this by examining the programs in extreme minute detail and comparing our crime rate to a city like Dallas, Texas, which has a financial disadvantage and no CCPD.

      It makes no sense that FW Texas has a 37 percent lower population than Dallas Texas, spends $50,000,000.00 MORE DOLLARS per year to fight crime than Dallas but still has a higher crime rate. According to the FBI Fort Worth has an average higher crime rate than Dallas. Not only that FW has an average higher crime rate than both the state average and national average. That makes no sense until you take a closer look.

      More than 50 percent of all SPD (Crime Control Prevention Districts; collecting sales taxes which go to the local PD) are located in one County in Texas alone. Guess which one?

      You got it Tarrant County.

      Our three part video series is going to reveal massive, massive, financial corruption as a result of this fraudulent taxing authority granted by the State being marketed and mismanaged by Chief Halstead, Mayor Price and the Council Directors.

      It has actually resulted in creating and incubating more crime as this is necessary to justify the continued marketing of this fake taxing authority. For instance in a story on the antique mall burglaries, Cpl . Tracey Knight made numerous allegations about police procedure, evidence etc. She was engaged in wishful thinking at best or lying. Everything she said has already been verified to be untrue. I have an AFFIDAVIT here on my desk dated 7-15-2014 from Justin R. Seabourn (Internal Affairs) which says in nice language that she is lying. I also have three, count them 3 AFFIDAVITS from Randy Finch signed all on the same day in June which says the same thing about comments made by Chief Jeff Halstead. So the lying and fraud vacillates on a needs and urgency basis and goes from top to bottom of the organization. The FWPD is running on empty as a result of such low standards of ethics and integrity.