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’Tis the Season for Stouts

The deeper I get into beer –– and, admittedly, while I’m out of the kiddie pool, I’m really just splashing around the shallow end for the most part –– the more I appreciate and anticipate seasonal brews, in particul...

Last Call

Dia De Los Brand Loyalty

Fort Worth Weekly
Is there a better drink on a hot summer day than a cold Coors Light? Well, water, of course, but as the joke about sex in a canoe goes, Coors Light is fucking close to water (or it is, if you’re a hater). And, boy, are there ...

Last Call


Earlier this week, I saw a still from the set of the impending RoboCop reboot, and, frankly, I already don’t want to see this movie. The photo showed a charcoal-colored humanoid who looks like any one of the legion of robotic...


Shooting Themselves in the Foot

Chow, Baby
It’s a funny age we live in, when anyone with an internet connection and the price of a meal can play restaurant critic. In my former life as a restaurant manager, cook, server, and bartender, I resented that Joe Diner could ...

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Shaw’s Gets Real

(After 3:30 p.m.)
Last Call
As you may have heard, the Near South Side is really blowing up. From The Boiled Owl Tavern (where I tend bar) to the eagerly awaited debut of Live Oak Lounge & Music Hall, the neighborhood around West Magnolia Avenue is qu...

Zio Carlo Happy Hour Scheduled

Anthony Mariani
He could have done the respectable thing and gone on Letterman and recited a Top 10 list, but the controversial Carlo “Il Patriota” Galotto, owner of Zio Carlo Magnolia Brew Pub on the Near South Side, is doing something al...

The Zio Carlo Facebook Meltdown

Anthony Mariani
Dirty bathrooms, awful service, high prices: all common ways to kill business. Having a political meltdown on Facebook, though, is easily the most entertaining. So late last night (Monday), the owner of the newly opened Zio Car...