Whoever thinks a college-area bar must cater to of-age students to be successful needs to take a lesson from Tiff & Andi’s Place. The Bluebonnet Circle, near-TCU joint recently celebrated its first birthday, and you can bet that the color purple, Horned Frogs, and cheap drink specials had absolutely, utterly, completely nothing to do with its success.

There are two good reasons the titular owners have kept the kids at bay: One, neither Tiff nor Andi wants to get stuck breaking up fights between fraternity assholes, dealing with skipped tabs, or cleaning up puke in the women’s restroom; and, two, the owners know that if you live by the college crowd, you die by the college crowd. For TCU-friendly joints like The University Pub and The Moon, the profits flow like water when school’s in session and students are hot on the hunt for stress relief in the form of dollar beers. But when summertime comes ’round and all the brats have gone home for vacation, the cash register stops ringing, leaving student-dependent bars mostly high and dry. (Some in the summer even have the audacity to try to lure a more mature, less frivolous crowd. As if! Like I’m gonna start hanging out at your club and enjoying the ease with which I can get drinks only to be pushed aside a few months later by people who just started drinking a couple of years ago?! My ass. If you don’t want my business all year long, I’m not gonna patronize your establishment at all.)

I admit: I was skeptical when the lesbianic duo first took over the space formerly known as the Boom Room. By not offering cheap booze, the owners appeared to be reducing their customer base by about 75 percent. To make matters worse, the building is huge, so even when a decent-sized crowd (30 to 50) is in the house, the place still looks kinda empty. Seriously, I can’t recall the number of times I’ve sat at T&A’s bar and watched potential customers walk in, cringe at the emptiness (real or imagined), and walk back out. “Six months – tops” was my initial take. But I’m not very bright.

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