In an even bigger example of my unwillingness to commit to anything, my favorite drink changes from month to month. Sometimes, I feel like beer. Other times, martinis. Even other times, Grade-A whole milk. At the moment, I’m all about micheladas. A new, unique, different kind. What’s weird is that I didn’t find it in Fort Worth’s Little Mexico, the North Side, even though the hunt started there.

Being so close to the border, or at least closer than, say, Des Moines or Fargo, Cowtown has a few places that can manage a semi-decent spiced Mexican beer. The one least likely to make a Mexico City native puke is at Blue Mesa. Not that mixing lime juice, hot sauces, and assorted spices into beer is brain surgery, but Blue Mesa loads up on the heat, and the result has a nice, sinus-clearing, Bloody-Mary kick. The best part is that, unlike at most other Tex-Mex eateries, Blue Mesa’s michelada doesn’t taste as if a bus boy had poured a beer over a half-eaten enchilada plate and then into a pint glass. There isn’t a lot of shit floating around the head.

Before we go on, I guess that if we’re gonna talk about the best, we gotta mention the worst. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Joe T. Garcia’s gets the dubious honor. Like the gringo-friendly food there, the Northside restaurant’s michelada is Mexican in name only. The most racist Confeddie flag-wavin’ redneck in Texas can squeeze a lime into a glass of Tecate and call it “michelada,” folks. If you find yourself at Joe T.’s and have a hankering for spiced Mexican beer, take my advice: Ask for a generous splash of ginger ale on top. It makes a world of difference.

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