Why is everybody so nostalgic all the time?

Are they worried that nothing in the present or future will be as good as what happened yesterday? Or 20 years ago? I dunno, but if you’re prone to flights of nostalgia and you’re in a band, looking backward becomes even more peculiar, because you are practically obligated to ape your forebears but, like, add something to them, ya know? (“Our band’s, like … no, see … we’re like U2? but with a Bloc Party vibe?”) The trick is to make the repetition more of a nod than an outright homage. Unfortunately, for the Dallas quintet The Crash That Took Me, the wrong side of that subtlety tends to rule. On the band’s new album, Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes, there’s a galaxy of swirling highs, but the references are pretty glaring.

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