For interesting little glimpses of the triumphs and frustrations of a Cowtown stage actor, go to and hit “Actor and Director Blogs.” There you’ll find regular updates on the Stage West rehearsals for “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” (opening May 21) from the play’s lead actor, Dana Shultes. Without an ounce of actorly pretense, Shultes outlines the fears and joys of the rehearsal process. “Cell Phone” is her first play in 13 months, her first major role after the birth of her daughter, and, BTW, her character basically carries the whole script. What’s it like being a “theater widow,” with your spouse tied up nightly in rehearsals for another show? It sucks. What’s it like to play a scene with an actor who’s not there because the role hasn’t been cast yet? It sucks. What’s it like when that actor is finally cast, and the scene begins to take shape? Glorious. (You thought I was gonna say “priceless,” right?). Good, nitty gritty stuff.

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