To the editor: Wow, what a column (“You Are There,” June 17, 2009). Shari Julian is an amazing mother and her son is a very lucky young man. I sit here in tears and with a lump in my throat. I have two little boys asleep upstairs and a dear husband, who asked me to read the column, in the next room. Shari, all I can think about is how I can be like you for them. God bless you, your son, your family and all those you serve.

Alisa Maples

Fort Worth



Pay Your Own Way

To the editor: Dan McGraw (“Not So Healthy,” June 24, 2009) concluded his recent column about healthcare by asking, “Does anyone else see a problem here that needs fixing?” The problem I see is that Dan has gotten the idea that providing for his family’s healthcare needs should be someone else’s responsibility. I’m a few years older than Dan, and I’ve been self-employed for 23 years. I pay $185 a month for a catastrophic policy with a $5,000 deductible because I don’t want to be a burden to either my family or fellow taxpayers if I get a serious health problem.

Do I like paying $185 a month for a policy like that ? No. But I also think my property taxes are too high. They’re high because fellow citizens like Dan (as well as non-citizens) expect to use public medical facilities if they have a serious illness or injury, and part of my property taxes goes to pay for their healthcare.

Dan and his fellow liberals, especially those with children, need to stop waiting for government to solve their problems and take steps to find solutions themselves. Dan might start by getting a
full-time job somewhere outside of the newspaper industry.

Ron Bridges

Fort Worth


Joy on the South Side

To the editor: I recently picked up a copy of Fort Worth Weekly, because the headline — “The South(side) Rises Again” (June 10, 2009) — caught my attention. I was fascinated with the cover story about developers like Eddie Vanston, who are dedicated to bringing a nightlife scene to the area near downtown. As a 23-year-old entrepreneur and musician who dreams of owning an entertainment venue in this town, I am overwhelmed with joy. I found myself a few months ago actually looking at the South Side for my location. I truly feel the South Side can put itself back on the map as a contender for retail and housing. I know many residents of Fort Worth and neighboring areas who are tired of driving to Dallas for their entertainment. After being in the music scene in Fort Worth for eight years I know what my demographic truly wants. Who knows? Maybe in a few years I’ll be setting up my venue in the area.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Christopher Herring

Fort Worth


To the editor: Betty Brink’s story (“House of Cards,” June 3, 2009) is one of the best follow-ups yet to the series of exposés Fort Worth Weekly has conducted over the years.  It encompasses everything from the city leaders, our so-called stewards who are elected to protect the citizens’ interests, to the federal government that is supposed to investigate charges of wrongdoing.  We, the taxpayers,  ultimately pay the price for the malfeasance and machinations that flow like a river throughout city hall.

Of course Mayor Mike Moncrief isn’t going to put his foot in his mouth by talking to the Weekly because he didn’t have a script handy to answer the charges brought forth by Theresa Thomas and Lisa Weaver. Both these ladies ought to have their jobs reinstated with retroactive pay and a public apology from Moncrief.

The mentality that still operates at city hall contributed to their firing. Felony charges should have been brought against Walker and his cronies. The mayor didn’t give a tinker’s dam about the Thomas and Weaver allegations and used the “Don’t Know Nothin'” excuse when the truth came to light. The only council members who listened with full ears open were Chuck Silcox and Donavan Wheatfall. Chuck deserves posthumous accolades, for he was an honest man, with integrity to the bone, and he listened to his constituents.

Hopefully this updated “House of Cards” will be the catalyst for a full investigation, and charges will be brought against those who orchestrated
and participated in the stealing of taxpayers’ money.

Without the Weekly’s go-get-’em reporters who keep the public informed, we’d be paying higher taxes to cover the thefts by these narcissistic stewards of the city.

Delores Taylor

Fort Worth

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