The gas drilling industry might be undermining the city’s quality of life, but the natural gas created from eating a can of Ranch Style beans has been lovingly embraced in Cowtown for many decades.

Barry Shlachter’s story in today’s Star-Telegram describes the end of an era.


That black Ranch Style sign just southeast of downtown has been a part of Fort Worth’s personality for as long as I can recall. Once the plant gets sold it’s doubtful the Ranch Style sign will remain.

Oh well, Ranch Style may be abandoning our city and moving operations to other states but I’ll remain loyal. To anyone raised on Ranch Style, no other canned beans come close.

As a kid I often wondered why Rod Serling of “Twilight Zone” was pictured on the label. I asked my mom one time, and she said, “That’s not Rod Serling!”

I didn’t believe her. I still don’t.

This kid likes Ranch Style Beans as much as me: