Ensor's "Skeletons Warming Themselves" got around in '09.
Ensor's "Skeletons Warming Themselves" got around in '09.

In TIME magazine’s current Top-10 of everything from 2009 issue, the Kimbell’s Butchers, Dragons, Gods & Skeletons ranks as the seventh best art exhibit, according to TIME art critic Richard Lacayo. But Philip Haas’ filmic installation isn’t the only show on the list with Fort Worth connections.


William Kentridge’s Five Themes, which was put together by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, hung at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth from July through September while on tour.

To stretch the Fort Worth connections even further, a piece brought to life by Haas at the Kimbell, James Ensor’s “Skeletons Warming Themselves,” also hung as part of a sixth place-winning Ensor retrospective at MoMA.

With the exception of Yinka Shonibare, the usual suspects –– Bacon, Twombly, Gorky, Kandinsky –– populate the rest of the list.