Fort Worth’s own RadioShack Corp. is looking for a new marketing and advertising agency.

In 2008 the company paid $215 million on marketing and advertising, and came up with the idea of re-branding itself “The Shack.”

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Seems $215 million doesn’t buy much these days.

For a mere $1 million, Blotch will provide all the marketing and advertising advice needed.

Don’t take a well-known and established brand like RadioShack and re-brand it into something so generic it says nothing at all about the company or what you’re about.

By the way, what is RadioShack about? I don’t know anybody who goes there to buy radios, computers, cameras, TVs, or even batteries. I hear the stores are a sleeper source for cell phones. Maybe they should call themselves Sleeper Cell Shack.

The Shack is what my relatives call the outhouse we use at family reunions in Parker County.

RadioShack stores are tiny and stocked with even more tiny and obscure, electronic gizmos that are easily purchased online these days, rendering the stores obsolete.

The company should hold a big yard sale at its downtown headquarters, sell everything that isn’t nailed to the floor, and then sell its sprawling office complex back to the city that was so generous with its tax abatements.

The city could then convert the complex into a housing project for low-income folks like it used to be. That way, “The Shack” would at least make sense.


  1. Still, Radio Shack is the source of last resource for a lot of electronics that can’t be found elsewhere. I recently bought a tape-to-computer thing from them that allows me to make CD’ and MP3s from old tapes. Infreaking invaluable for those of us old enough to have hundreds of tapes on hand from the days before CDs.
    So leave me source of last resource along, won’t you, big shot FW Weekly writer?

  2. obviously Mr. Prince is not a geek or a nerd. As a freelance network/computer repair Tech (Short for Pc fixer and cable runner) Radioshack is a place where I can go when I run out of certain plugs or jacks or cable and I dont have time to wait for it to be shipped to me from an online store. Radioshack should market itself as a much larger Fry’s type store. It should embrace its nerdiness instead of trying to be another boxed out Best buy type store.