Documentary filmaker Josh Fox’s movie GASLAND, which explores environmental issues and corporate greed within the nationwide natural gas shale drilling explosion, has been awarded the Special Jury Prize by the Sundance Film Festival in the documentary category. Fox uses personal experince in telling the story. He was offered a $100,000 bonus a few years back by a drilling company for some family Pennsylvania land in the Delaware River Basin (part of the Marcellus Shale deposits), and Fox wanted to learn what impact the drilling would have on air and water and all the rest.

Fox uses investigative reporting and humor to expose how government regulations have little impact, as the drilling companies run things. He even comes down here to North Texas to get more of a history, given that the Barnett Shale has been around longer than the rest of the plays. Variety’s Robert Koehler sings the film’s praises.

The Texas premiere of the documentary GASLAND will be in Denton at the Thin Line Film Festival. It is set to open the event at 7pm on Wednesday February 17th at the historic Campus Theater.