I hate NE Loop 820.

Every time I head in that direction cars are bumper to bumper, especially around Rufe Snow Drive.

From this point forward, all references to the loop in these posts will be described as “H820.”

Downtown Arlington- Rectangle

H8, for the uninformed, is cool-speak for “hate.”

And making up new words is fun.

Moollution – the methane released from farting cows contributes to the greenhouse effect that leads to global warming.

Google “moollution” and nothing comes up. That makes me the proud father of that word. I can die happy.

(Yes, I know, I need to get out more).

Combining words to create a new one is fun. But sometimes you combine two words and get an old word instead.

For instance, combine Mayor Mike Moncrief and “weasels” and you get “measles.”

Combine Mayor Mike Moncrief and his beloved hair tonic and you get “moronic.”

C’mon, you try it.