Not too long ago, the Chat Room (1263 W. Magnolia Ave. on the South Side, 817-922-8319) was the place in town to catch underground indie-rock bands, local and non-. For whatever reason, the Southside staple stopped hosting shows but decided to keep the “stage” open for special occasions. Tonight (Thu.) is one such night. A San Fran band that has played the Chat before, Birds & Batteries, will be going on at 9 p.m. No word on the cover.

Also tonight (Thu.) at another club that rarely hosts shows but when it does it does so to the max, dude: The Sunshine Bar (902 W. Division St., Arlington, 817-277-6252), whose “stage” has been trod upon by the outré likes of Fort Worth’s Hentai Improvising Orchestra and The Great Tyrant*, is hosting Fort Worth’s answer to a symphonic car wreck, Raging Boner, plus Fort Worth’s obsidian Magnus and a touring act, Mississippi’s Seraphim. No cover, but donations are strongly encouraged. Seraphim reportedly needs gas money.


* Though The Great Tyrant’s bassist, Tommy Atkins, recently passed away, the experimental-rock trio’s two remaining members –– frontman/keyboardist Daron Beck and drummer Jon Teague –– will continue on as a duo, Pinkish Black, whose next (first?) gig is on Sat., Mar. 20, at The Moon (2911 W. Berry St. by TCU, 817-966-9600). The show, organized by the Fort Worth Music Co-Op, also will feature two 817-related outfits, the Transistor Tramps and Skitz & the Beautiful Trainwreck, and Dallas’ The Crazy Ivans. Admission is $5.

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