Top 12 American Idol finalist Cool Casey James, who calls Fort Worth home, has hit the big time.

While standing in a grocery line this weekend, I noticed him on the cover of one of those Hollywood gossip rags, Star Magazine.


Seems his drunken driving convictions from his teenager days are getting national play.

The internet crackled about James’ previous drunken driving convictions last month after Radar Online wrote this story.  That was quickly picked up by Vote For The Worst, the website that tries to skew phone-in votes and make the worst contestants win.

The James story didn’t make much of an impression on the national media back then because he wasn’t yet considered a potential winner, he was just cougar bait.

But this past weekend, James’ boozy teenage years were featured in the LA Times on the heels of the Star story.

The convictions occurred long ago. James says it’s all behind him now, he’s learned valuable life lessons, yadda yadda. This probably won’t sabotage his shot at the Idol title, but he’s already fighting an uphill battle.

Seems his biggest fan, judge Kara DioGuardi, who promoted him so heavily early in the show, has turned on him in recent weeks. The married, older DioGuardi apparently caught so much flak about being a cougar in love with a boy toy that she has since flipped. Now she’s James’ biggest critic on the show. Meanwhile, she making googoo eyes and cozying up to the older Simon Cowell ad nauseum and talking out of her ass most of the time during her performance critiques.

Who could have imagined the replacement for wacko judge Paul Abdul would become an even bigger embarrasment?

Here’s James’ mugshot.

Just kidding, it’s really here.

Ha! Got you again. OK, the mugshot can be seen here. Really.


  1. who ever post this… what if casey james had a past criminal record… doesn’t affect the way he is right now. He mentioned in an interview that it was long time ago cuz he was YOUNG AND STUPID… SO better stop this mugshot or whatever cuz you even make him more a celebrity to win.

  2. girlalush: Did you even read the post?

    It didn’t diss James for his criminal history, it just stated the facts.

    Hell, I’m a Fort Worth homer rooting for the local guy to win.

    But it won’t be easy for him to prevail this year, and not just because Kara DioGuardi has turned on him. James is the most talented among the men finalists, but he’s up against a talent-rich group of gals.

    I predict a girl will win this year.

    The last two winners — David Cook and Kris Allen — were both men and haven’t done squat. The only two previous Idol winners who went on to big time music careers were women — Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.