One of the most popular bars in the West 7th Street corridor that closed a couple of years ago is reopening today (Monday) at 3 p.m. under a new name. Well, a new-ish name. Formerly known as the Shamrock Pub, the Shamrock Tavern replaces Poag Mahone’s, an Irish-themed bar that followed the Shamrock Pub and that recently relocated just a few feet away. Matt McEntire, who owns both spaces and a nearby parking lot, re-opened the Shamrock out of a desire to get back into the day-to-day business of running a bar. The West 7th/Carroll Street area where Shamrock Tavern is located has become something of a hot spot, with several bars –– including Poag’s, 7th Haven, The Pour House, and Lola’s Saloon-Sixth –– all within walking distance of one another.