Local poet and all-around rabble-rouser Tammy Gomez is seeking scribed submissions for a forthcoming anthology, the portentously named Somethin’ Stinks in Fort Worth, to be published by Tejana Tongue Press, the publishing arm of Gomez’ production organization, Sound Culture. Forms considered include short, sudden, and flash fiction; flash nonfiction; prose poetry; “arousing and insightful screeds”; epistolary texts (actual or imagined letters, e-mail exchanges, Facebook comment strands); and comedic monologue scripts. Submission deadline is June 1, 2010. Send by e-mail to or by snail-mail to Sound Culture, c/o Tammy Gomez, 1410 Fairmount Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76104. (As always, if sending by snail mail, please send Xeroxed copies of your work, not originals. Include SASE if you want your copies returned.) Acceptance or rejection notification will be sent via e-mail by July 31, 2010. Payment for acceptance will be two copies. Projected publication release date is December 1, 2010.



  1. I wish to comment favorably on Bret McCormick’s editorial on justice and the lack of it for individual due process. Sadly, this has been slowly occurring in our nation for years. We all tend not to worry about such actions until we personally are confronted with them. At present our only action is to vote. There was a time an American’s vote was secret and as we know that is no longer true. We still have a free press as a defense also. McCormick’s editorial should serve as a “wake up” call to all of us. We can subjugate change individually in how we are affected in our personal lives. That is what the powers of the Constitution and the United States of America stand for.