Now it’s becoming clear why the Texas Rangers manager likes cocaine – it’s to stay awake during long games (average length 3.5 hours) that are lulling players, announcers, and fans into unconsciousness faster than singing them lullabyes after slipping them a pile of roofies.

Babe Ruth counting sheep.
Babe Ruth counting sheep.

Last week, Seattle Mariners designated hitter Ken Griffey Jr. slipped out of the dugout during a game and into the locker room where he was later found fast asleep in a chair during the seventh inning – missing a pinch hit opportunity.

In this video, New York Mets announcer Keith Hernandez is shown being awakened after he’d fallen asleep during a commercial break.

So what’s the big news?

Baseball games and golf tournaments are laid back affairs. They’ve always been my programs of choice when lying on the couch on a Sunday and wanting background noise to lull me to sleep.