I’m a dad. My kids played soccer in the Joshua ISD high school group. They went to finals a lot and my kid Italo is all regional for the second straight year at Hillsboro college against competition that would probably make the South American Professional League blush, as many of the players in his league are graduates of that system.

I’m not talking about that this minute. I’m talking about my daughter Madeleina’s 7th grade band. Laugh if you want but those guys rock. Like 40 year old musicians. And the 8th grade at Joshua will blow your mind. You think you are listening to the New York Philharmonic for goodness’ sake!!
So I want to suggest to my associate in crime, Kristian Lin, the best darned music/film critic west of the Mississippi, that he start attending middle school concerts. He will know what he’s hearing. And there are dozens of high school orchestras, and middle school orchestras, producing wonderful noise, fantastic music.

Kristian, I invite you. The concert I saw tonight from 7th and 8th graders from Joshua, while not as neat as the concerts put on by the FW symphony, were more alive and thrilling than anything I’ve seen in Bass Hall for five years. And I love Bass Hall.


  1. My son was also a member of this group of musicians before we moved from the area, and I agree.. they are a fantasticly talented group!