As this week’s ”Stage” review indicates, Circle Theatre’s The Great American Trailer Park Musical is a rude, crude, but extremely well-performed valentine to that last American class it’s permissible to pick on – so-called “white trash.” If Trailer Park Musical was a meal, it’d be a fried Spam and American cheese on white bread with Miracle Whip sandwich; a heaping helping of original flavored Cheetos on the side; and a tall cold plastic cup of Hawaiian Punch.

Please don’t think trailer park culture is strictly an American phenomenon. Our Canadian neighbors had a cult sitcom “mockumentary” show that celebrated life among the mobile home set. It was called Trailer Park Boys, and it ran on the Showcase cable network from 2001 to 2008. Two feature films about the show’s characters were also released. The series portrayed ex-cons, beer binges, hash brownies, home-made pornos, bible-selling scams, restraining orders, and white men performing hip hop – all from the cozy digs of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.