Sports Illustrated isn’t much impressed with the Dallas Cowboys these days, even though our defense is solid; QB Tony Romo, WR Miles Austin, and RB Felix Jones are young, healthy, and super talented; we just drafted a pass-catching monster in Dez Bryant; and the team will have the added motivation of becoming a hometown Super Bowl team.

Out of 32 teams, SI’s Peter King ranked the Cowboys at No. 10 for the upcoming season. Division rivals the New York Giants were ranked higher at No. 9.


I realize that Peter is a King and I’m just a Prince, but, hail ye dear readers and lend me thine ears for this proclamation: Thoust Dallas Cowboys will indubitably conquer said division henceforth and prevail in the most Super of all Bowls!


  1. Peter King is almost never right. He is the 2nd biggest con artist in NFL history behind Rush Limburgerbaugh!

    Randall Broussard