It might get a little hyper up in tiny DISH, Texas tonight. The Texas Department of State Health Services will be visiting DISH to brief the residents there on the results of their investigation into the chemical exposure those residents have been subject to from the Barnett Shale.

The Department’s investigation was carried out in January of this year. 28 families from DISH voluntarily provided water, blood and urine samples to the investigators, which were tested for chemical exposure. The results indicated that 65 percent of those households had detectable levels of toluene in their systems, more than half had o-Xylene in their systems and half the households ranked in the top 5 percent in the entire United States for 15 other chemicals.

Mayor Calvin Tillman expects there might be some tough questions from the residents tonight.


The meeting will be held at the DISH Town Hall at 5413 Tim Donald Road, in DISH. It begins at 7 PM.