The American Idol judges are trying to pull a fast one – they want America to vote for Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze.

That leaves hometown boy Casey James twisting in the wind unless America bucks the system and votes big for him.

MSNBC has already ruled out James. Their story headlined “Dewyze Crushes Idol Competition,” says the final will come down to Bowersox and Dewyze.

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Talk about a crock: All three contestants faltered on their first song last night, but the judges only slapped down James. It’s that cougar backlash still at play. James shed his shirt in his audition and got Kara Diowhat’shername’s all lathered up. For the rest of the season she’s had to prove she was willing to bash him at every turn.

James kicked off the show with “OK, It’s Alright With Me” by Eric Hutchinson, and did a decent job. But the judges hated his song choice (and it is a boring song).

Judge Simon Cowell even dissed James’ guitar lead. Hey, that was a tasty little lead break, if understated. James didn’t slather on the effects pedals that most guitarists rely on, but that didn’t mean he didn’t nail it.

Bowersox and Dewyze were only passable on their first songs, but they got nothing but love from the judges. Dewyze especially got kudos, but his version of “Simple Man” was simple, man.

Then the second song rolls around, and it’s the judges’ turn to pick songs. They stick James with a crappy-ass song by a creepy-ass singer — “Daughters” by John Mayer.

WTF? I kept envisioning Mayer’s distorted face all through the song. The judges cursed James with that dreck. He should have told them to shove Mayer up their patooties and then thrown down a menacing version of the Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post” or something.

Bowersox, who I’ve liked all season long, bombed on her second song. “Maybe I’m Amazed” was amazingly bad. Talk about pitchy. Ouch, dawg. But the judges slobbered all over her.

The worst performance of the night was Dewyze’s overwrought, over-sung and essentially butchered closing song, “Hallelujah.” He’d barely begun singing when he started shooting up into his higher registers. He had zero feel for the piece but he hit some high notes and so everybody thought it was wonderful. Wrong, scrotum breath!

“Halleluja” was written by Leonard Cohen, who performed at Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie last year. A 77-year-old Cohen knocked “Halleluja” out of the rafters that night and rendered the sell-out crowd shell-shocked with awe — and he never once raised his voice above a whisper.

Here’s an old clip of Cohen singing “Halleluja”:

Now, here’s Dewyze doing his version last night:

Cohen sings circles around Dewyze. And I get the feeling James would have killed “Halleluja” if he hadn’t been saddled with “Daughters.”

Alright Fort Worth, alright America, don’t let these conniving judges and TV producers con you. Pick who you think is best, and may the best Casey, er, contestant win.


  1. The judges manifestly figured the outcome with their lame song choice for Casey. Casey got unfairly treated throughout this whole thing and had to perform under pressure of that whole saga with Kara – and Casey did the only thing he could in response. I sincerely hope America wisely voted for him last night. May the best Casey win!

  2. I agree 100% with the above comments. Casey James was railroaded, didn’t stand a chance. He’s still going to have the most success though. Simon, Kara et al won’t be able
    to throw him under the bus forever. He’ll shine through,

    Enough with all the Lee and Crystal fawning. They were pretty bad last night.


  3. I agree Casey got set up with a very bad song. Daughters? He needs that electric guitar because he is awesome when he has the right song and guitar solo. I don’t think he does well with slow songs. BUT….I can’t hardly stand Cohen singing this song (in the video that you have posted) except for the great guitar playing it’s not so good. I’m in my 50s (female) so Cohen’s age has nothing to do with it. Everyone has different tastes in music. I just think Lee’s singing was far superior on this song. It also makes you want to turn it up and sing along with it. There are some songs I didn’t care for his singing as much, though. Crystal is fantastic and will go far even if she doesn’t win. Just my opinion.

  4. The general consensus is that Casey was horribly mistreated last night (and last week, for that matter). My heart is sad that the judges excoriated him. If he were a friend of mine, I would hope that he goes home tonight and never has to face those awful judges again.

    However, the blogoshpere indicated a significant voter backlash and Casey won sympathy votes. I would kinda like to see the judges squirm if Casey advances to the finale. How will they try to direct America’s voting if all their slobbering over the Anointed Ones did not result in the Lee/Crystal finale they so clearly want?

    The moronic judges seem to have forgotten they pimped Archuleta – and David Cook won. They pimped Lambert – and Kris Allen won.

    I suggest we have an option to vote the judges off the show and replace them with actual professionals.


    Just because Casey is good looking, and already an amazing artist doesn’t mean the judges have to be jealous of him. He never gets and praise for his amazing guitar skills, and he NEVER tries to get ‘sympathy votes’ like the others.
    Also, when he performed ‘don’t’ and ‘jealous guy’ on the idol stage, he was AMAZING, and he barely got any credit.
    Casey is the ONLY true artist on the show, and need to get more credit!!

    Love you casey 🙂

  6. Yes I agree. I found out last week that Kara & Randy chose Daughters for Casey. I was like that song is a flat line how can he do anything with that crappy song. Simon even got Kara & Randy to admit that the song had no climax. How can they keep crticizing Casey’s song choices & then give him that crappy song. They were out to sabotage him! Then it was like Kara & Randy were telling Casey what kind of music he should make. Yikes stay away from Casey. Casey knows himself best:)

    Lee’s so over-rated. He’s like the teacher’s pet even when he’s not very good there nice with him. Poor Casey (they also did this to Didi Benami) would always get butchered by the judges. They couldn’t get enough when it came to criticizing Casey.

    Also why did Simon give Lee “Hallelujah” when Tim already did that song earlier this year? That’s what got Tim into the top 12.

    Didi Benami is my female Idol this year & Casey’s my male Idol:) I them both. You guys are too good for Idol!

  7. You “typed” the words right out of my mouth! From the first live performance of “Heaven” with the shenanigans between Randy/Kara DURING Casey’s song, the judges have been awful. Any praise was always prefaced with a “You are pretty and” or, “You sang that well and your hair looks good” type nonsense. This was a subtle way to discredit his outstanding skills.

    As Casey gained momentum after some knockout performances, the judges got more and more brazen in their attempt to squash him. Notice how the rules changed curiously for Sinatra week. No guitars allowed AND Casey was FORCED to sing in a big band way–completely unsuitable for his voice. When he somehow survived that week, they stepped up their criticisms for him and their praise for others. Blame must also rest with TPTB and the producers–they have to be in on this stuff too.

    Honestly, I expected for Simon to be on the floor at any moment shining Lee’s shoes, he was overpraising him so much. Casey may well be on his way no matter the outcome tonight.He really does have extraordinary talent and skill and he is ALWAYS a gentleman. I hope that if he leaves tonight, that Texas will welcome him back in grand Texas style! He has done Texans proud!

  8. Totally agree as well—Casey was railroaded for a long time…….but the horiffic song choice of DAUGHTERS on such an important night for him–had to be simply deliberate. But Casey I have to say as much as I love him is at fault clearly too…..because his personal choice song—was just an ok song– he did a fine job with (it sounded better then Crystals for sure I think)…..but I do agree w/ the judges that it had no wow factor….. now why oh why Casey of all the songs out there would you have picked that song choice on the most important night of your life???? I don’t get that—–he had to know that was’nt the greatest song in the world—-and the title of it alone “It’s Alright”…he had to of known he was opening up the door to what Randy did say… was just alright for him too!!!! Casey my man, why oh why did you not pull out a great song choice….like a Jeolous Guy, or Don’t or Laudy Miss Claudy—something jivey like that one maybe—-so many better songs you could have sung and knocked it out of the park for youself—–It’s very frustrating for us your fans—when we know how great you can sing a song—when you pick the right songs!!!

    Casey you need a good manager—–someone pickintg out good song choices for you..that’s all, you have it all and you are going to be more successfull then Crystal or Lee for sure I believe without a doubt….with those looks and that voice combined!!! without question!!!

    Would’nt it be soooo great if all Casey’s fans power voted (like me & my family in Ct)… and shocks this idol house tonight putting Casey in the final two….God I hope and pray that happens!! I hate when people just assume things!!!! I hope Casey does come in so all those judges and pundits can –Go eat crow !!!!!

  9. Thanks for publicly exposing the American Idol judges so effectively for the frauds that they are. Over the weekend, I read the announcement of the songs chosen for the contestants by the judges and knew immediately the fix was in against Casey. And the week before all the judges could do was make jokes at Casey’s expense during his critique. They have been pushing the “Cougar” thing relentlessly giving the impression he is only there because of his good looks, while Casey handled it politely, humbly and graciously. He is an outstanding singer and musician. Im not a relative or a friend and I’m not from Texas, I’m from the midwest. I will never watch American Idol again.

  10. Casey was better then Crystal last night—-

    Possibility is there still that all us people that love Casey—and God there is alot of us—-power voted last night for him and we just may have brought him into the final two—- I think its entirely possible—–and God would I just LOVE to see the faces on those judges if that did happen!!!
    God that would be great!!!! The judges and pundits none of them still would give him the credit he deserves—they would make 10 times more jokes about the amount of cougers and tiny boppers out there!!! It would be disgusting if they did that too,,,,, but you know they would!!!! They can call it sympathy votes, they can call it the teens and cougars power voting—-they can make all the excuses they want….but the guy DESERVES HIS RIGHTFUL CREDIT—-because too many people love him (like us)—–They had better give him the respect he deserves or I will never watch Idol again!!!

  11. I am so disappointed with the outcome. How do the judges expect Casey to perform at his best when they have repeatedly been criticizing him? I like all three contestants however when Crystal sang her song, Simon said he was proud of her for always being true to herself. Hello-that is exactly what Casey has been doing but he just is put down, he’s told he has good vocals but wrong song. The judging has not been honest for all three and that is terrible. The judges kept laughing all the time when going to judge Casey yet didn’t do that with the others, how can that make him feel comfortable on stage? I am so disappointed with all of them and only hope that Casey gets picked up by someone soon that will bring out all he can be. If any of you saw him singing at home, it was so obvious he was so comfortable singing there and he had so much confidence. We all know he has it and I can’t wait for his future. Show them just like Chris Daughtrey did! Casey has everything going for him and I can’t wait to start collecting his future CD’s. And believe it or not I am a 56 year old lady who has watched American Idol from the beginning cause I like to see unknowns come alive, just like Carrie Underwood – I just love her too and she deserves to be where she is, she is sincere just like Casey. YOU GO CASEY YOU HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU AND WHAT YOU STAND FOR – SINCERITY AND HONESTY!

  12. Has it occured to anyone—that maybe they have been “pimping” this guy Lee for the win—-because he so clearly does NOT have all that Casey has going on for himself—- I think the judges know that Casey is going to do just fine for himself because he does have such great looks along with the great voice and he definitely has the heart throb star quality going on for himself (that Lee so clearly does not have!!). Lee just has the good voice and nothing else—so he needs the win to do something in this business I believe…..or lets put it this way—-if Lee did’nt win this thing—I believe he would bomb on his own—fade back into the sunset and have to go back to selling paint!!! —-

    Casey on the other hand does not need to win to make it in this business…He has been discovered already& —you know someone is going to pick him up and made a star out of him—-he has woman screaming all over the place for him now!!! The guy is HIGHLY MARKETABLE and they know that on Idol. so I see it ….that they are helping the adverage joe looking guy out—because he needs the win to make it in this business—–and so maybe Idol is just trying to do what is best so that they all can be successful after Idol……kind of makes sense, right ???

  13. Has it occured to anyone—that maybe they have been “pimping” this guy Lee for the win—-because he so clearly does NOT have all that Casey has going on for himself—- I think the judges know that Casey is going to do just fine for himself because he does have such great looks along with the great voice and he definitely has the heart throb star quality going on for himself (that Lee so clearly does not have!!). Lee just has the good voice and nothing else—so he needs the win to do something in this business I believe…..or lets put it this way—-if Lee did’nt win this thing—I believe he would bomb on his own—fade back into the sunset and have to go back to selling paint!!! —-

    Casey on the other hand does not need to win to make it in this business…He has been discovered already& —you know someone is going to pick him up and made a star out of him—-he has woman screaming all over the place for him now!!! The guy is HIGHLY MARKETABLE and they know that on Idol. so I see it ….that they are helping the adverage joe looking guy out—because he needs the win to make it in this business—–and so maybe Idol is just trying to do what is best so that they all can be successful after Idol……kind of makes sense, right ???

  14. TO: Pat Needham— I sooo wish I lived in Texas and could have been there to see Casey at the Keyes Lounge where he performed to his hometown!! How proud you must be of him!! He is trully a jewel that is all I have to say!!

    and you are so absolutely correct regarding Simon’s comment about what he loves about Crystal—is that no matter—he’s gotta hand it to her—she has been true to herself as an artist and doing her songs her way throughout all these weeks—-and he gets everyones applause to that—-and I was sitting there thinking exactly the same thing you said……well what about Casey!!!! Did he not do exactly the same thing staying true to who he is as an artist and all they did was tear him apart—!!! They have trully been so biased and have not given Casey the credit that was due him all along—-It’s been pathetic!!! (read my post above tho—–kind of explains why I think they’ve been doing all this to Casey!!)….

  15. Ok…Yeah casey got a shitty song. But, do you guys really think he deserves to win? You must all be from Texas. He is the WORST constestant on the show right now. He is in no way memorable besides the fact that he is gorgeous. I didn’t remember his name last night. It could be because american idol is watched by idiot morons who don’t have a clue about singing and just vote by popularity – (reason why i havnt been tuned in as much). I’ve been singing and performing my whole life, and Casey is a very talented handsome young dude, but he’s so dull compared to Lee. Not just based on last night either. Cmon guys, really? He knows tonights the last night for him. He should have gone a long time ago and Siobahn should be here instead. She should have won. Not Lee or Krystal. But even they deserve it more than Casey.

  16. The judges are supposed to give constructive criticism. Simon Cowell showed his malicious side when he made the statement to Casey a couple of weeks ago something about — at least Casey you have a gig waiting for you. How is that constructive???? The panel has been against Casey from the beginning. Casey is a musician and the panel for some reason uses that against him. I think Casey will show them all who has talent as soon as he gets off the show. Thank goodness Simon is leaving. He is no longer an asset to American Idol. In fact, I do not think any of the judges are anymore.

  17. Agreed, with everything everyone has said. Casey has so much potential but these people couldn’t spot potential if it hit them straight in the head. I am astounded by the treatment Casey has been getting. It is all quite surreal, since when is being a fantastic guitar player, and being good looking, considered to be a bad thing in the music industry? Because this is exactly what AI are trying to tell us over and over again, when it comes to Casey. Their logic is seriously flawed.

    However, I am sure not everyone is so blind, I am sure Casey will do well in the future. He already has a lot of fans, we heart Casey here in South Africa!

  18. ..And even Simon made a point to say that kara & randy picked a bad song… So i think y’all are all just being too sensitive. Judges do/say harsh things to test you and make you a better performer. If you can’t take the heat, get off the stage. If he really was as amazing as y’all think..he would have found a way to sing that song better. If you watch Daughters again..notice that he was singing a higher harmony the whole time. Not once did he hit the lower notes that John hits to add more intensity. He sang the SAME NOTE over and over again. If he was a true artist he would have done more with it…

  19. wow … learn how to spell “hallelujah” before you start bashing the guy who sang it with more emotion than your little, fluffy lamb boy casey.

  20. Rita- I totally dissagree— I think Casey sang that song better then John Mayer (& I used to be a singer myself in a wedding band—I think I know talent when I see it!!)….. I don’t like John Mayer even singing that song –the song is just such a lazy,boring song—no one could make that song interesting or powerfull—It was a horrible song choice and I do appreciate Simon being the only judge to tell the truth on that count !! On the other hand –I do think Casey was at fault for not picking a better song choice for himself last night—he had to have known that was no great song either!! Had he pulled out Jeolous Guy last night—he would be winning this thing hands down!!

    I’m from Connecticut too, not Texas!!! and yes to answer your question—- I trully believe Casey should be running away with this contest. Honestly : Jeolous Guy, Don’t, Laudy Miss Claudy and many other of the great song choices Casey did sing—-are way better then half of the recording artists that are famous right now!!! —- He is a true commodity—because not only does he have an awesome voice w/ a cool Bob Seger quality it—he plays guitar wonderfully and his looks are drop dead gorgeous!!—–and the main point is—-he sings every bit as good as he looks…!!! (and I think that is extremely RARE!! & the majority of women out there with good taste can see that as well as me!!) so yeah I think Casey by a long shot will have the most successful career as a recording artist over the other two. He is trully heart throb material and in my opinion we have not had a good male singer/heart throb since Elvis and I think Casey is that good and has that much sex appeal to the ladies—that yes I see this humble country boy going much much farther then Lee or Crystal without a doubt!

    All three of them sing excellent—so any one of them could win, it’s just who picks the best song choices that showcase their talent the best—- But if you look at the overall talet and marketability factor —I would say Casey wins hands down (if they based it on that)….

  21. Hey PAlake: That video clip of Leonard Cohen looks to be about 25 or 30 years old, back when he was fairly young. Hearing him sing “Halleluja” now that he’s approaching 80 and is old but still filled with emotion, vulnerability, and sage experience is something to behold. I wish you could have heard him last year at Nokia. When he sang “Halleluja” it floored the entire crowd who sat in silence before erupting. Cohen is touring again after a long retirement from the music biz so you might give him a shot if he comes through your town. Anyhoo, I like soft, spiritual, tender approach to that song, and Lee Dewyze’s balls out approach really turned me off. Hey, but to each his own!

  22. I would love to see the faces of the judges if Casey made it tonight also. They have stacked the deck the whole season making sure Lee and Crystal are in the final. I am sick of Lee’s voice and Crystal’s voice already. I will never get sick of Casey singing and playing his guitar.

  23. Janet– I could’nt agree w/ you more!!!

    I’m not expecting it to happen …..but if it does I’m gonna be loving every min. of it !!! It’s definitely possible I think!!

    Casey is truly a star just waiting to happen that is for sure!!! I’ll buy everything he puts out — coming on in lets see 10 more mins!!! Let us pray!!!!!

  24. You are dead solid right on.

    Casey’s first number was the best of the three. Yet the judges dissed him and praised Crystal and Lee.

    Then he gets the “dog” of the judge’s picks to sing.

    This is coming from someone who prefers Lee and Crystal to Casey.

    But last night, even I could see something was wrong,


    Casey wanted to sing “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughan for his first song on Tuesday. It would have been fantastic! Upbeat, fast-paced, smokin’ guitar riffs, bluesy tone. A perfect choice! But the producers said No. That song would have shown a completely different side of Casey to the Idol viewers (like his show at Keys Lounge). It would have propelled him past one of the Chosen Ones into the finale. The Idol producers could not allow their manipulations to be thwarted. They directed him to select a slower, acoustic song. And they got their way . . . to a mediocre finale.

  26. poloprincess: where did you hear the info about him wanting to sing “pride and joy”?

    wonder why the tv show would want him to fail? does the show have a stake in the recording contract that goes to the winner?

  27. don’t stop watching. I wanted a casey , crystal finale. at least they could both sing. this is a joke, lee way overrated. the only one left with TALENT is crystal. vote for her guys ,because if lee wins it will be an even bigger joke than last year. I’M A TEXAS GIRL AND HOW PROUD TO HAVE A TEXAS BOY IN THE TOP 3 ,WAY TO GO CASEY!

  28. The judges really threw Casey under the bus on tuesday night. I think that Casey was better than Lee (I kind of liked daughters) and the judges refused to acknowledge that. Lee is NOT A GOOD SINGER. I’m sure his heart is bigger than the pacific ocean and that he looks like that second coming of Chris Daughtry(with hair) but he is not a good singer. Someday, people are gonna realize that. Unfortunately, that day will come after he wins and his album bombs.

  29. I have to wonder. On the Wendy Williams show yesterday and on several sites, Casey James was reported to have chosen Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughn and had been practicing it for five days when he was told he couldn’t sing it and had to choose something new.

    Sabotage? It has even been reported that he sang “Pride and Joy” at the rehearsal and brought the house down. Anything to keep TCO’s finale????

  30. I think American Idol is a great idea but just like all the reality shows, it has become too commercial and along with all that commercialism comes a list of rules that everyone has to play by. I think it is obvious that the producers wanted Lee the paint salesman and Crystal the single parent to get into the final. We all know Casey has what it takes to make it in the music industry and now that he has made his debut he will go all the way. Lee and Crystal will have a limited audience, like alot of the clones they crank out of Hollywood. It will be guys like Casey who have that rare gift, who admit that their life is music and who absolutely beam when performing in front of a live audience when the pressure is off. Casey will be up their with the likes of Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton, doing what he does because he loves it more than TV or videogames. The judges and the producers of IDOL know Casey will do fine. It’s really all about ratings and giving the opportunity to those who need that special push and the two finalist positions will give them that. Casey, if you read this, know that you have every right to be very proud of yourself. I am from Chicago but come to Dallas alot and if I can find Keys Lounge, I am going to pay it a visit. Who knows, you may even be there playing something special for all your friends who love you so much.

  31. Casey was not all that. Definately not the best of the men. This season over all was one of the worst. Just because he looked “ok” doesnt mean he was talented. He will probably make it afterward, due largely to his looks. Its nice to support some one from your hometown, but damn: Be honest. Most people become a fan and no matter waht crap they may do, they still manage to enjoy it.

  32. “Casey will be up their with the likes of Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton, doing what he does because he loves it more than TV or videogames” OK??? Are you kidding me. That delusional.

  33. Casey is better looking than Lee or Crystal. He has talent, but he’s not particularly talented. Lee isn’t either, but he knocked Hallelujah out of the park. If you truly think that the Leonard Cohen version from Nokia (and I like Leo) is good then I suggest you use my 90 year old Mom’s hearing aids and try again. I loved Casey James, but if you are truly talking talent, the right two are in the finals.

  34. I am sooo sick and tired of all the tinitus ears saying Casey only got where he was because he was good-looking. The man CAN SING!! The man CAN PLAY! And he is damn good-looking! Believe me, being good-looking was definitely held against him.

    For all you fans of Lee, you are just listenting to the judges. His only good song was ‘Treat her like a Lady”. He was lousy the whole season. And for those that think Lee is good-looking-you must not get out much. He’s short and always looks stoned. I thought as the season progressed he put on weight and was developing women’s hips. Maybe some people find that sexy in a man. And he’s short! Yuk!
    Casey is a complete package. I’ll take the tall glass of water from Cool Texas please.

  35. I totally agree that the judges had a plan…Not a good one at that.
    They should have selected an Eddie Vedder song.. (Pearl Jam) He would have done great!
    Lee was just terrible on the finale. I cringe to think of it.
    Brett Michaels & Casy James ROCKED!!!! They were the hightlight of the entire show…
    I know it is over, but Casey should have been in the top two…He seems like a very down to earth young man & generally a good person.

  36. Hi all,
    I’m a fan of Casey from Oregon. Casey’s performance from day one was far superior than Lee and Crystal. He’s the total package!!! Great voice, best guitarist ever on Am Idol. great personality too, very humble and love his mom. At the finale, he was the best performer of the night.. He looks so comfortable and happy with his element.

    You guys are right. He’s been “screwed” by those judges. They want Lee or Crystal to win.. maybe because they knew that Casey don’t need the title to be successful. Just like his mentor Usher said, he is the guy to watch… win or not… he will be successful..

    TO CASEY’S INNER CIRCLE., please help Casey to get a good Mrketing Rep to market him and do this as soon as possible while the timing is right.. Start with his mentors like Shania, Harry C Jr, Alicia Keys, Usher and Jamie Fox and talk to their Marketing guru how he can get all the media and marketing exposure. Is there a website where his fans can buy his cd’s, posters, t- shirts, mugs or any promo items without going to AIdols website??? Don’t wait until the tour is over. Timing is very important for his successful marketing campaign.. I wish him all the best in his career..

    Suzie W
    Oregon Fan