Tonight at the Pour House on West Seventh St. Ink Edition will be celebrating their first anniversarry. We at the FWWeekly congratulate them for surviving in such a tough print media climate.

What we like best about this free paper is that if we forget to pick it up one week, we know we can see many of the same stories in next week’s Star-Telegram. The Inky is a subsidiary to the S-T, sort of the same relationship that the Texas Rangers have with Hicks Sports Group.

Anyhoo, we wondered what sort of birthday gift we should bring to the bar. Then it hit me. Why not bring them our 76-page current issue, which is the largest regular edition we have ever published (not counting Best Ofs, which is otherworldly humungous.)? So, Inky staffers and ad reps, the big edition of the FWWeekly is on us. We’ll stop by and get some of the free food you guys are giving out at the Pour House. We luvs us some freebies.