Cross Canadian Ragweed canceled September’s Red Dirt Roundup that’s been held in the Stockyards for the past four years, but there will be no shortage of music, revelry, and cold beer there on Sunday.

The Memorial Jam Texas Style starts at noon, is open to all ages, and boasts 14 bands on two stages. Tickets are $40 at the door, and the headliners are Stoney LaRue and Fort Worth’s own Pat Green.


Pat Green

Much has changed in Green’s world since he last played his hometown in January. He parted ways with Nashville-based record label Sony BMG, he’s shopping a new label, and he’s finishing up a new album, a sequel to 2001’s Songs We Wish We’d Written.

What hasn’t changed is his devotion to his family, including children, Rainey, 3, and Kellis, 6.

“Somebody lost a cup,” he said on the phone recently amid a loud clattering noise and the sound of two kids playing.

Green was enjoying a pleasant Monday morning babysitting at his Fort Worth home while his wife was running errands. He enjoys taking his kids to the Fort Worth Zoo, and they tackle hamburgers at his favorite dining spots — Kinkaids, Dutch’s, and Grady’s Restaurant.

Fort Worth is his “hideout,” he said.

He’ll be hiding in plain sight at the Memorial Jam, where thousands of partygoers are expected to congregate on Sunday for a concert that was once called Wolfdance and held at Sundance Square until two years ago.

Green might play a song or two off his upcoming album, but he wasn’t ready to reveal many particulars about the project. He wouldn’t name the cover songs he’d selected since he’s still deciding which ones will make the cut.

On Songs We Wish We’d Written, he and Cory Morrow sang their favorite cover songs. On the sequel, Green sings with a variety of artists, but he isn’t ready to reveal them either. “I’ve got to wait until we get the paperwork done,” he said.

C’mon, Pat, throw your local paper a bone, won’t ya?

Here’s the lineup for Sunday:

99.5 The Wolf Stage:

noon — Rob Baird

1 pm — Joey Green

2 pm — Kyle Park

3 pm — Bart Crow

5 pm — Brandon Rhyder

7 pm — Josh Abbott Band

9 pm – Pat Green

Ziegenbock Stage:

12:30 pm — Whiskey Myers

1:30 pm — Mo Robson Band

2:30 pm — No Justice

4 pm — Johnny Cooper

6 pm — Cory Morrow

8 pm — Jason Boland

10:15 pm — Stoney LaRue