Combining some activities just seems like a bad idea – having sex while flying a plane, drinking tequila while operating an electric carving knife, dissing your boss while Facebooking, etc etc. To my mind, “driving while texting” is also a no-brainer no-no, and this potentially deadly public nuisance can be addressed with ordinances. But apparently, the city of Arlington isn’t ready to take this obvious step. Councilman Robert Rivera had earlier introduced a proposal to make that city the second in Texas – after El Paso – to ban the use of texting devices behind the wheel. But this afternoon his fellow councilfolk decided to table his proposal indefinitely with a vote of 4 to 3.

Is 15 the average age of the Arlington city council? Since “driving while texting” seems to be a largely generational issue, that would be a plausible explanation for how the texting ban never even made it to the agenda. Come to think of it — how is it that El Paso is the only city in Texas with such a ban?