An interesting quote pops up near the bottom of Pete Alfano’s Startlegram story on Tim McGraw playing a Super Bowl-related concert at Cowboys Stadium in September.


Host committee president Bill Lively said they searched high and low for an artist to play.


“We looked at a lot of artists and some had already performed here, some were touring and couldn’t be here and some had too big an entourage,” Lively said.

That’s kind of like saying, Well, we first thought about George Strait, Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, the Rolling Stones, U2,  Bret Michaels, and 574 other bands but settled on McGraw because — well, sure, he’s unspectacular — but he’s as dependable as a pair of old boots, he’s got some hits — yes I know they’re fairly horrible songs like “Don’t Take The Girl” and “I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More Of It,’ but he can wear a plastic cowboy hat like nobody’s bidness and he’s got a hot wife and he’s been in some movies too!


Alfano’s next paragraph attempts to throw Lively a life jacket:

“McGraw was always at the top of the list, however, because of his country roots, his crossover appeal and the fact that ‘he is football friendly,’ ” Alfano writes, quoting Lively on the football friendly part.


Apparently striking insufferable poses for photographs makes one football friendly?