The battle between Big Tex and Big Mouth — Nolan Ryan vs. Mark Cuban — was finally settled this morning, and Ryan’s investor group looks to be the new owner of the Texas Rangers.

But that’s not why I love America.



A Dallas Morning News blog described the courtroom proceedings, and buried this little nugget deep in the story:

“When bidding resumed after 9 p.m., the courtroom was packed with such latecomers and billionaires Bob Simpson of Fort Worth and Ray C. Davis of Dallas — both backers of Ryan’s bid — forced to stay on their feet throughout the lengthy arguments and bidding while teenaged fans in T-shirts nabbed seats.”

Courtroom seating based on “first come, first served” rather than who’s got the most money and power is very American. Me likey.

On the other hand, it would have been nice if some of those teens had volunteered their seats to old guys.


  1. Bob Simpson of XTO, now Exonn-Mobil? Ray C. Davis of Energy Transfer Partners? I wouldn’t give up a seat to those assholes if they was on crutches and bleeding. Somebody give those kids a high five.