Okay, I’ll be the first to admit something unpopular – as laudable as the It Gets Better video project against anti-gay bullying is, there are a fair number of cheesy, self-indulgent personal testimonies amidst the flood of much-needed support. I guess that’s to be expected with a national public crusade. 

However, Fort Worth city councilman Joel Burns’s heartfelt testimony last night at City Hall is the absolute best example of what It Gets Better is supposed to do. His presentation was so straightforward, calmly delivered, yet effectively personal, Burns is now getting national attention via the decidedly unsentimental snarksite Gawker as well as The Huffington Post. Thanks for your powerful words, Joel.


  1. A man is more than his words. Joel’s actions as a councilman regarding urban gas drilling do not reach the same heights as this speech. His “deal” to allow drilling behind the Ol South restaurant and numerous other sensitive sites instead of the TCU campus will negatively impact the entire city for decades. Heroic as it was, I don’t see his recent speech as good enough reason to erect a bronze statue of Mr. Burns.

  2. For those curious about the amazing viral trajectory of Joel’s “It Gets Better” presentation: In addition to the many, many national web platforms where it has appeared, it was carried by “The Guardian” in London and Joel was interviewed on CNN this morning by Ali Velshi.