Funerals are set for the two Will Callers members who were killed last week in a car crash on I-35W. Both Bradley Kyle Schroeder, 33, and Chase Monks, 26, will be laid to rest in Austin, where they lived, Wednesday and Thursday respectively. The Will Callers were an up-and-coming Red Dirt-ish quartet partially based in a Fort Worth and a nominee in our annual Music Awards (for best new artist). “The crowded electric Americana scene now has another force to contend with in The Will Callers,” we wrote back in June. “Frontman Jake Murphy’s ragged-yet-refined voice is engaging and perfect for his band’s signature brand of slow-burning, whiskey-stained roots-rock.” Reportedly, the band will continue on. Schroeder and Monks were headed to Fort Worth from Austin for a gig when they were struck head-on by Brian Jesus Marquez, 36, of Denton, who was listed in stable condition last week.