Plenty of kids and kids at heart will be dressing up like their favorite super-heroes this weekend, and some fans of the genre make their devotion even more permanent — with tattoos. But imagine going to get a tattoo of, say, Wolverine and seeing Wolverine’s actual costume from the X-Men movies standing amid the inks and needles. Knuckle Up Tattoo by the Stockyards houses a personal museum’s worth of such memorabilia.

Knuckle Up may be the only ink parlor where the tattoo designs have to fight for the customer’s attention. Walls and cabinets are filled with props and costumes from dozens of movies. V’s mask from V for Vendetta sits above Wolverine’s outfit from X-Men: The Last Stand. A glass case displays the prosthetics used to turn Ron Perlman into Hellboy. And in the middle of the studio sits an impaled Spartan warrior from 300.

kultur_1Owner Drago Reid (how awesomely appropriate can you get?) has been filling his store with movie memorabilia for several years. He has a longstanding connection to the film business, working at Los Colinas studios as a makeup artist and doing contract work for movies such as Pumpkinhead, Alien: Resurrection, and The Addams Family. He also knows many horror legends personally, including George Romero of Night of the Living Dead fame and Doug Bradley, the actor known for portraying Pinhead in the Hellraiser series (who, according to Reid, is also “a totally serious British guy –– he wears suits everywhere and loves tea time”).

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  1. I read your article and have viewed the picture of your “Wolverine” suit that was supposedly worn by actor Hugh Jackman. I hate to tell you but the suit you have pictured is not one that was neither made for nor worn in the film. It’s piping color is wrong, the x-motifs aren’t even the same shape or color of the ones on the original suits. There’s a flap on the front groin region that isn’t even used in the production sit design. I have studied these suits and currently have two purchased from the first film of the character Storm, worn and played by actress Halle Berry. I’m not a collector but have been informed that some auction houses have replications made and pass them off as originals or production made items.