Two years ago I was determined to put my Bush-hating ways behind me — not because I changed my mind about his abominable record, but because hating anyone is bad for the soul.

Now Mr. Decision Points has popped up again with wall-to-wall TV interviews. According to these chats, what haunts Bush most after his presidency is not the federal government’s wretched Katrina response; nor the lies that got us into Iraq; nor the needless deaths of U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians; nor the authorization of torture. No, what haunts him most is that a famously temperamental rapper said in a TV interview that he didn’t care about black people. In other words, it’s all about Dubya.

The local coverage of Bush’s recent Dallas book signing and presidential library ground-breaking has been especially obsequious. The approach of certain North Texas reporters can be summed up in three questions:

Mama Angie's 300x250 Grand Opening

1. “Mr. President, on a scale of 7 to 10, how fabulous will your presidential library be?”

2. “Mr. President, will history judge that you were right, or that your critics were wrong?”

3. “Mr. President, you’re a straight-shootin’ charmer. What’s the ratio of straight-shootin’ vs. charm in your personality?”

Oh, and my opinion of Bush did change after his recent media rounds. I no longer think he’s an idiot. Now he seems sorta like a sociopath.


  1. It must be upsetting for some folks to see the Gallup and CNN polls, which have GW and the poseur guy from Chicago within the margin of error on the “who’s the better president” question.

  2. Why not run a poll to see whether more of us think W an idiot or a sociopath? I’m still going with idiot. Sociopath gives him too much credit. As someone else as said, he couldn’t have done more harm to the nation in his eight years if he had been a paid enemy agent.

  3. Gee, Roy, maybe the FWW will do that for ya, but the poll was a comparison between GW and BHO, not a forum on whether Bush was a saint or a psycopathic Satan.

    I guess some folks, for whatever reason, felt that after a decade of warnings from the democrats (including the ILA), Saddam would go down, and of course Afghanistan was the “good war” – not to mentiuon a lot of formerly unemployed folks miss their jobs which existed in the horrible Bush years.

    I read the poll as a no-confidence vote on current incompetent poseur, a case of buyers’ remorse.

  4. Posting that sociopath checklist in a discussion is like comparing people you don’t like to Hitler. Scroll down to the bottom of that page. The guy who compiled that drivel sounds like a paranoid schizo.

  5. It is apparent that you still have great disdain, and even hatred for the former prez. Since you sound like you’re a psychologist or psychologist ( to confidently make the clinically diagnose a person as a “sociopath”), maybe some of your colleagues in that profession can offer some pro bono sessions to get through this weight on your heart/psyche. Best wishes.