Calm down, people, and find a couch before you faint: Those atheist signs on the T are no big deal. In fact, consider yourself lucky. If hardcore non-believers like Chris Hitchens or Richard Dawkins had written them, they’d say stuff like “God Sucks” or “Jesus Saves Souls and Redeems Them for Cash Prizes.”

Seriously, though, if you can’t handle a public sign that politely expresses the non-belief of millions of people, then your own faith is a little, um, fragile.


  1. THANK YOU JIMMY!!! I’m so tired of hearing about wimpy Christians who can’t handle dissent by a small minority of the population. These people who are upset are for free speech, but only when it jives with their current beliefs. Step outside their beliefs and everyone should be censured.

    And of course, if there were Christian ads, i doubt there would be a small, but vocal group of aesthetics or Hindus etc… that would be upset. And I would like to know the number of people who’ve pledged to boycott the T that actually RIDE the T!!?

    Grow up Christians!

  2. The matter of the fact is that too many people were killed in the name of “god”. Consequently, “god sucks”! That’s my opinion, but I’m not burning people, or having bombs around my waist to kill people in the name of a god.
    What really is inconsequent in this time and age is that in the name of “faith” everything is excused! Absolutely an unethical behavior!