Fort Worth punks the Mind Spiders, Fort Worth rapper Snow The Product, and Fort Worth R&B sensation The World Famous Tony Williams also will be playing sanctioned showcases at the annual SXSW Music Festival, bringing the grand total of Fort Worth acts slated to perform to six (plus one to be announced later). The others are The Burning Hotels, Complete, and Telegraph Canyon. Never before, to my best recollection, have as many Fort Worth acts been invited to play sanctioned showcases as this year, and the final lineup is still weeks away.




  1. Plus, Analog Rebellion is also scheduled to play a sanctioned showcase, bringing the grand total of Fort Worth/817 acts to play to seven (plus one that will be announced soon).

  2. The only 817 bands not on my list are Exit 380 and Warbeast, and neither band’s name is on SXSW’s official list. Not sure where the Observer got that info.