There weren’t too many surprises in the list of Oscar nominees that were read off this morning, but there was a treat for one movie filmed in Tarrant County. Josh Fox’s GasLand ran out with a nomination for Best Documentary Feature. The film about the costs of gas drilling, which has featured repeatedly in our pages and our blog, has already won a prize at Sundance. (Also, we totally picked it as Best Local Film in this year’s Best of Fort Worth issue.) It’s up against stiff competition for the Oscar statuette; the Afghanistan war doc Restrepo, the financial exposé Inside Job, and the hilarious Exit Through the Gift Shop are all carrying more buzz. Still, the nod means a great deal in a field where movies struggle for exposure. Congratulations are in order.


  1. Talk about inaccuracies (or let’s call them what they are — LIES) check out that link supplied by ANGA. The first sentence on that site is a lie, it says natural gas is clean. There ain’t nothing clean about the process of removing natural gas from the ground. It’s a filthy and toxic process that pollutes the air the ground and water sources unless precautions are taken. Natural gas is needed to fuel things but the drillers should have to abide by rules regarding drilling safety and environmental protection. The industry doesn’t want to spend money to make drilling safer and environmentally friendly. They would rather spend millions of dollars on lobbyists to avoid regulation. The gas industry doesn’t care about public safety or the lungs of our children or all the bloody noses from all the sick families that live near their drilling sites and compressor stations. The industry always always fights those cases and denies responsibility and depends on the railroad commission and the TCEQ to protect them.

  2. To paraphrase and humanize Mr. Amontree, of ANGA, “The stakes are too high to allow our health, safety and environment to be influenced by the gross and deliberate misrepresentations by this industry…”