Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Deanna Boyd’s story about a woman ticketed for throwing her cigarette out her car window made my day.

I can’t stand roadway litterbugs tossing their non-biodegradable cigarette butts and fast food sacks out their car windows.


Pickup drivers are passive aggressive about it — they throw trash in their truck beds and let it blow out on the highway.


On the other hand, I can say as a pickup driver that strangers sometimes use my bed as a trash can. I don’t realize a paper cup has been deposited in my bed until I see it fly out on the highway.

I was at the Henderson Flea Market a while back, walking toward my car in the parking lot, and I saw a woman toss a dirty diaper into the bed of my truck. Not only did she not retrieve the diaper after I caught her in the act, she didn’t even seem embarrassed about it.

For some people, the world is their ashtray/trash can and everybody else can go to hell.

So kudos to the Fort Worth police officer who boldly wrote that ticket. Please cite more litterers.

But let speeders go free.

That’s another pet peeve of mine — slow drivers.



  1. Why don’t you just execute the poor woman.

    Come on it’s just a cigarette butt. The cop sounds like he was power mad like most cops are. Give the lady a break.