The icy conditions on North Texas roads make for a classic definition of a winter wonderland – as in, you wonder if you’re going to make it home alive. Local TV news reporters have been hitting the pavement in places like Sundance Square and West 7th Street. They’re interviewing visitors from Pittsburgh and Green Bay who’re here for you-know-what. These cheerful out-of-towners agree that today’s weather is no big deal compared to the kind of winters they face at home.

Let’s hope they leave town with their innocence intact. The terrifying thing isn’t ice on Texas roads. It’s Texans on icy roads.


  1. I am so tired of people talking about Texans on the icy roads being a danger. If you dont like it then go back where you came from….its usually you jerks from other placed driving too fast cause you “know” how to drive on it,.