Former Alaska governor, current pop culture celebrity, future presidential hopeful, and ultimate insignificant blip on the political radar Sarah Palin will be exposed in a “chilling” tell-all book.

Former aide Frank Bailey’s “Blind Allegiance To Sarah Palin” is due out in May.


Based on excerpts leaked a couple of months, the book  goes rogue and offers up plenty of dirt on Palin’s behind the scenes behavior.

My prediction: The book’s revelations won’t surprise her critics, who already think the worst of her, but it will inspire her supporters, who never fail to rally around her no matter how moronic her behavior.

She’ll rally the Tea Party and make a run for the 2012 presidential election.


The state of politics is so dismal that Donald Trump would be an improvement over Palin.

Unfortunately, if he were to win the Republican presidential primary he would have to quit making Celebrity Apprentice, and I like that show. On the other hand, if Apprentice is shut down I won’t have to watch Palin appear on it in the future, which is definitely where her career is headed.


  1. Frank Bailey trotted after Sarah Palin like a lovesick sophomore until she politely but firmly showed him the door. Hell hath no fury like a man scorned.

  2. Chilling expose? Clintons exploits would be a chilling expose or Obamas Chicago friends would be a chlling expose, but a mother of five in frontier Alaska. You;ve got to be kidding me, Frank Bailey. At least you said Trig was her son.

  3. Chilling expose would be why over 100,000 dead humans, really, 100,000 souls dead because bush lied about WMD and ties to Osama or is just that stupid to believe that it existed. None did.
    100,000+ dead humans.
    Fatherless children, crying parents here in America and in Iraq because of either lies or stupidity.
    A chilling expose that matters. >100,000 dead people.
    Makes abortion seem tame in comparison.
    100,000 Dead because of lies or stupidity.

  4. 9-11 = 3000 dead, $200,000,000
    Iraq = 123,000 dead, $>1,000,000,000, 5800 dead Americans.
    Absolutely no WMD or ties to Osama, not even one.
    Still asking why we are there if the reasons we went turned out to be complete falsehood.
    Chilling expose will be when God asks “why?”

  5. I wanna see an expose on people who forgot all about democrats warning about the imminent threat of saddam for years before Bush.

    I guess it makes them feel good., and somehow pure.