Potential presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ego is making him look like more of a doofus than usual. Who thought that was possible?

Trump is taking credit for forcing President Barack Obama to release his long-form birth certificate, even though Obama released a birth certification in 2008 when the issue of his citizenship first came up during his presidential campaign.

Anybody still whining about that non-issue three years later is — like the president said this morning — a “carnival barker” distracted by nonsense and conspiracy theories rather than focused on real issues.

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Point, Obama.

Trump said he’s “honored, frankly, to have played such a big role” in forcing Obama’s hand. And now Trump said the country can go back to discussing important issues, mentioning oil, gasoline prices, “China ripping off this country,” and OPEC “doing numbers on us. ”

Don’t forget Celebrity Apprentice!


  1. Birtherism is code for “There’s a black man in the White House!”
    Releasing a “long form” won’t quell the racism underlying the opposition to him. Hell, he could release a video of himself coming down the birth canal with an American flag in one hand and a deposition signed by Ronnie Reagan in the other, with a view of Honolulu out the window, and the “birthers” still wouldn’t change their tune.
    This isn’t about place of birth. This is about “otherness.” (Cough.)

  2. Obama’s refusal to show his birth certificate all this time shows a lapse of judgment on his part. He could have stopped all the questions long ago. He could have ended the distractions. He could have made it a non-issue. Instead he was elusive and coy and now he’s pointing the finger at Republicans. Talk about a sneaky move.

  3. Many lies were revealed today: “This is a Birth Certificate” – It was not. “This is all that is available” – It was not. “This is all anybody gets”. It was not. The Mainstream Media lied about it for 2 years. They lied because the truth doesn’t matter to them. The Governor of Hawaii gave 3 different stories. The state stopped issueing birth certificates. The Passport office started accepting “certifications of live birth”. Why did all of that happen now? Since we now know they’ve been lying for 2 years, Call me names, but I can’t help but wonder what could have been fabricated by such a vast machine.

  4. Cookie, if only you were right. But it only took 7 minutes from your post for you to be proven wrong. The nuts/birthers are back at it and with them it will never end. It is simply not about the certificate. It is about the fears that many unfortunate folks still have about someone that has a different skin color. I sincerely wish they did not live in the darkness of fear and could join the rest of the world as progress takes us to a better place.

  5. A fake birth certificate could not have been produced by all these resources in only 30 days. But, given 2 years, yes, it could have been done. The reason he didn’t produce it sooner is because it wasn’t there.

  6. Cookie, I’m with you. He is the one who has made this such a big deal. Why hasn’t he tried to prove it sooner? I would love to know that!
    By the way who cares if he is black or white? Being an up-standing person, a person to look up to (since he is our president) is what we need. That is definitely not what we have. I think he is an embarrassment to this country.

  7. He’s about to start campaigning. He knows he’s going to have enough to contend with without also having to argue his natural born status in this country.